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Ivory Morgan-Burton styles and facilitates weddings and events internationally, providing eco-friendly solutions to environmentally conscious couples to build community and connect with the earth. She started Love Petals as a mission to save fresh flowers from wholesalers (too ‘old’ to sell) or events from being thrown away and avoiding waste while also sharing the love of flowers with those who may not be able to access or enjoy their beauty. Morgan-Burton created Love Petals as a corollary, non-profit service to Storybook Events as an economical and eco-friendly conclusion to floral arrangements that have served their primary purpose. Love Petals’ purpose is to share the love and stop the waste. Love Petals is the logical secondary solution to ensure potential landfill waste from floral wholesalers (aged out flowers), corporate events, or wedding ceremonies to be recycled and repurposed as a joyful gift to others. Love Petals’ mission repurposes wedding and event flowers, which in turn brings joy and happiness to those in need in our communities.

City of Norfolk 1 Year Anniversary Letter.png

Letter from City of Norfolk Mayor Kenneth Cooper Alexander, Ph.D.

As the founder of Love Petals, Morgan-Burton sets eco-friendly sustainability standards with a volunteer team who restyles donated flowers into bedside arrangements. Donated flowers are used to host free ‘floral arranging workshops’ for volunteers to learn or enhance their skills. In turn, these training events providing specialized skills enable volunteers to seek employment in floral shops. These exquisite floral works of art are then delivered to patients at infusion centers, nursing homes, cancer treatment facilities, and homeless shelters – bringing a light of hope and beauty into others’ lives.

Ivory Morgan-Burton (Storybook Events) is a woman-owned full-service planning, floral, and decor company headquartered in Norfolk, VA. Morgan-Burton creates event décor and floral installations for private clients, corporations (conferences), weddings, celebrations, and events nationally and internationally. Morgan-Burton’s approach and creative vision to her wedding décor and floral designs are natural and eco-friendly. She believes flowers are the perfect channel to connect to the planet, nature, and environmental regeneration. Morgan-Burton’s award-winning floral designs and installations are stunningly beautiful, creatively unique, and always emphasize sustainability.

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Ivory Morgan-Burton

“I believe every wedding or event should be elegant. I believe in doing the most I can to use all possible elements to create a beautiful celebration resulting in sustainable, eco-friendly practices to preserve the environment.”

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